Myrna York

Solo Exhbition Nov 8 - 15 2015

Virginia Hall Gallery

14 Placita de Anza, Tubac, AZ

Seattle - Denver - New York - Tubac

I am an eclectic artist that works  with a variety of medium.  Being a retired art teacher, I became interested in play as a means to discover the many intricacies of drawing, painting, and sculpture.

The way of the brush is an ancient Asian method of painting. The emphasis is on the simplicity of composition, negative space, and brush technique.  Doing more with less.

My dream golf series in watercolor captures landscapes of golf courses.  The beautiful scenery in the background is a stage for the little white ball  to challenge our mental states.

My dream golf series in oil has the same little white ball theme found in precarious places.   It can send the heart pounding but only to find relief by avoiding obstacles or getting over them. 

Working with clay has a very direct tactile sensation with the hands.  I enjoy mixing media and adding drawing and painting to steel and clay sculptures.


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Sumi E

I paint to say the unsayable, to articulate the obscure, and to discover the truth.